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2024 Guide to Costa Rica’s Best Hotels, Eco Lodges, B&Bs

Costa Rica boasts the widest range of hotels in Central America. From beachfront B&Bs to luxury eco lodges, charming hostels to all-inclusive resorts, there’s no shortage of options.

Many hotels are found on the coast, but there are plenty of great places to stay in the mountains.

The destinations below are grouped into the seven regions featured in Costa Rica: The Complete Guide.

Costa Rica Hotels

Best Luxury Eco-Lodges

From lush rainforests to cool cloud forests to pristine beaches, Costa Rica has some of the world’s best luxury eco-lodges.

Best Treehouse Lodges

Best Treehouse Hotels

From luxury treehouses with full bathrooms to rugged platforms deep in the jungle, these are Costa Rica’s best treehouses.

Costa Rica, Central Pacific Hotels

Central Pacific Hotels

Located less than 120 kms (75 miles) from San José, the Central Pacific has long been one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. But its close proximity to the nation’s capital isn’t the only reason for its popularity. The combination of beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, and lush mountains offers some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in Costa Rica.

Nicoya Peninsula Hotels, Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula Hotels

Beaches, beaches and beaches. Covering most of Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast, the Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of the country’s most famous and beautiful beaches—from white sand crescents sheltering sapphire bays to thundering, world-class surf breaks. This region is also home to Costa Rica’s driest climate, with nearly six months of steady sunshine from mid-November to April. If you’re looking for surf, sand and sun, look no farther.

South Pacific Costa Rica Hotels

South Pacific Hotels

Costa Rica’s South Pacific is a wild paradise home to some of the top eco-adventures in the country. Unlike the Central Pacific and the Nicoya Peninsula, where some beaches are filled with condos and resorts, the South Pacific remains rugged and undeveloped. This is partly due to isolation—it’s one of the most remote parts of the country—and partly due to the weather—the region is drenched with up to six meters (20 feet) of rain each year, four times more than Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. But all that rain has an upside: lush, natural scenery. If you’re looking for pristine rainforests filled with wildlife, it doesn’t get any better than Costa Rica’s South Pacific.

Central Valley Hotels, Costa Rica

Central Valley Hotels

This broad mountain valley is the cultural, economic, and political heart of Costa Rica. Home to nearly three million people—about two-thirds of the country’s total population—it’s a sprawling metropolis centered around San José, the capital and largest city. The Central Valley is also home to Costa Rica’s largest international airport, which means the majority of visitors pass through here at some point on their trip.

Northern Mountains Hotels, Costa Rica

Northern Mountains Hotels

Cutting diagonally across the northwest corner of Costa Rica, this string of lush mountains and dramatic volcanoes is home to some of the country’s most famous destinations. From the cool, high-elevation cloud forests of Monteverde to the charred slopes of Arenal Volcano, the Northern Mountains offer an incredible diversity of landscapes. And because they’ve attracted a steady stream of travelers for decades, the Northern Mountains are famously family-friendly.

Southern Mountains Hotels, Costa Rica

Southern Mountains Hotels

This remote, high-altitude region is overlooked by most tourists, but if you don’t mind the chilly climate you’ll be treated to some of Costa Rica’s most rugged and dramatic scenery. Unlike the far more famous Northern Mountains, which can feel touristy in places, the Southern Mountains remain delightfully authentic. This is a rural region of small farming villages nestled in deep mountain valleys. Although a handful of nice lodges and restaurants have popped up in recent years, for the most part the pace of life hasn’t changed in decades.

Caribbean hotels, Costa Rica

Caribbean Hotels

Although often overshadowed by the famous beaches on the Pacific, the Caribbean coast is one of the jewels of Costa Rica. Its beaches are stunning, its wildlife is incredible (even by Costa Rican standards) and its Afro-Caribbean culture spices up the food and the nightlife. The Caribbean coast also remains relatively undeveloped, giving it a more rustic, small-scale feel.

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