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Stretching 10 km (6 miles) south of the Río Coto, Playa Zancudo is a combination of soft brown sand, turquoise water, and tremendous views of the Golfo Dulce. It might just be the most laid-back beach in Costa Rica—a place where palm trees and hammocks dominate the daily agenda and your only real worry is falling coconuts. If you’re looking for maximum relaxation on a vast beach with no crowds, Zancudo is hard to beat.

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Playa Zancudo Hotels – Luxury

Zancudo Lodge

Playa Zancudo Hotels – Moderately Priced

Oceano Cabinas

Cabinas Los Cocos

Playa Zancudo Hotels – Budget

Cabinas Coloso Del Mar

Au Coeur du Soleil Cabinas

Sol y Mar

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