Best Hotels in Cahuita, Costa Rica

Best hotels in Cahuita, Costa Rica

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For travelers in search of lazy days and mellow nights, the tiny village of Cahuita won’t disappoint. Located next to beautiful Cahuita National Park, it combines user-friendly eco-tourism with a laid back Afro-Caribbean vibe. If you’re looking for an authentic, chilled-out destination away from the hustle and bustle of trendy Puerto Viejo, Cahuita is the place to be.

Cahuita’s main attraction is Cahuita National Park, a prominent peninsula that lies east of the village. Established to preserve a large coral reef just offshore, it was one of Costa Rica’s first protected areas. A 9-km (5.6-mile) trail wanders along the perimeter of the peninsula, passing by beautiful beaches and lush jungles filled with monkeys, sloths and other amazing wildlife.

The offshore scenery is equally impressive, with dozens of tropical fish species swimming among the colorful coral reef. Not surprisingly, snorkeling is one of Cahuita’s most popular activities.

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Cahuita Hotels – Moderately Priced

La Casa de las Flores

Coral Hill Bungalows

3 Bamboo

Casa Marcellino

El Encanto Inn

Playa Negra Guesthouse

Caribe Luna

La Casa del Mango

Kenaki Lodge

Magellan Inn

Marfi Inn

Cabinas Iguana

La Piscina Natural

Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge

Inti Resort and Villas

Suizo Loco Lodge Hotel & Resort

Bungalows Malu

Hotel La Diosa

Cahuita Hotels – Budget

Cabinas Nirvana

Le Colibri Rouge

Hotel Caribbean Coconut

Coconut Love

Alby Lodge

Cabinas Brigitte

Cabinas Cahuita

Sol y Mar

Cabinas Palmer

Jenny’s Cabinas

Bungalows Ache

Cabinas Algebra

Hakuna Matata

Costa Azul

Kelly Creek Hotel

Atlantida Lodge

La Rana de Cahuita

Hotel Sunshine

Cabinas Arrecife

Cabinas Smith

Cahuita National Park Hotel (2755-0244)

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