Best Hotels & Ecolodges in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Best hotels & ecolodges in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Spending the night at a Monteverde hotel is one of the best ways to experience Costa Rica’s cloud forest. Tropical cloud forests are some of the world’s most incredible ecosystems, and Costa Rica is home to one of the world’s most incredible cloud forests: Monteverde. Located near the crest of the Tilarán Mountain Range, its cool, misty forests are home to a stunning range of plants and animals, from the resplendent quetzal to the world’s smallest orchid.

But Monteverde is more than just biodiversity. The surrounding region has coffee tours, hanging bridges, and lots of outdoor adventures. If you’re an eco-traveler looking for a family-friendly destination, and you don’t mind chilly weather, it’s hard to beat Monteverde.

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Monteverde Hotels – Luxury

Hotel Trópico Monteverde

Casa Batsu

🐸 Hotel Belmar

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens

🐸 Hotel Poco a Poco

El Establo

Hotel Fonda Vela

Monteverde Hotels – Moderately Priced

Hotel Claro de Luna

Arco Iris Lodge

Los Pinos

Monteverde Villa Lodge

Las Orquideas

Hotel Cipreses Monteverde

Hotel Montana

Hotel El Viandante

Cabanas Valle Campanas

Hotel Jardines de Monteverde

Monteverde Hotels – Budget

Rainbow Valley Lodge

Belcruz B&B

Monteverde Rustic Lodge

Mariposa B&B

Cabinas Eddy

Historias Lodge

Pension Santa Elena

Cabinas El Sol

Camino Verde B&B

Cabinas El Pueblo

Sunset Hotel Monteverde

Hotel El Bosque

Casa Tranquilo

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