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This rugged national park, located in the northwest corner of Costa Rica, is famous for great hiking trails and unusual volcanic geology. The name Rincón de la Vieja literally means “Old Woman’s Corner,” but in this case it’s best translated as “Witch’s Hideout.” After spending some time in the park you’ll understand why. A wide range of unusual volcanic features—bubbling mud pots, sulfurous hot springs, steamy pits—give the park an eerie, haunted feel. This is Costa Rica’s version of Yellowstone, providing an unusual glimpse of earth’s dirty, smelly inner workings.

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Rincon de la Vieja Hotels – Moderately Priced

Hotel Borinquen

Hacienda Guachipelin

La Anita Rainforest Ranch

🐸 Buena Vista Lodge

Rinconcito Lodge

Casa Rural Aroma de Campo

Cañon de la Vieja Lodge

Rincón de la Vieja Hotels – Budget

Blue River Resort

El Sol Verde

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